Community Edition             Enterprise                  
License        Apache Licensed                EE licensed - Talk to us    
Unlimited Resources              
Private Runners                  
Plan Storage                    
Apply Serialization              
In-line plan policies (OPA)      
Plan Preview                    
Concurrent runs                  
Drift Detection                  
RBAC via OPA                    
Org-level policies (OPA)        
Private VCS Support - GitHub, Gitlab & Bitbucket        
Audit Log Retention              
Compliance Frameworks            
99.99% SLA                      
SAML, SSO & SCIM                
Dedicated Instance / VPC peering
Dedicated Support Engineer      


Does Digger not have a paid middle tier?

Digger currently has no paid middle tier. You could use the self managed free tool OR the GitHub App for free.

Digger enterprise is for customers requiring access to the dashboard, SSO via SAML 2.0, Drift Detection, RBAC and Private VCS support.

Which parts of Digger is Open Source?

All of Digger is open source, even the enterprise edition. The feature set of Digger cloud (GitHub App) and Digger community edition is exactly the same, the difference is only where it is hosted. Please note that Digger Cloud is GitHub Only, for Bitbucket & Gitlab you’d have to Self Manage it, unless you want a dedicated instance under an enterprise license.

To self-host the enterprise edition, you’d need to buy a license (same as with Gitlab and other commercial open-source products).

For anyone using Digger, are all of the enterprise features in the open source codebase?


If you pay for digger, what are you actually paying for, since you ask users to bring their own compute, and their own state?

We ask users to bring their own compute and state management system as we believe that the number of privileged environments in an organisation needs to be kept to a minimum. The orchestrator backend, therefore, does not have access to your cloud account, states, plans, tfvars, or any other sensitive data.

For Digger Enterprise, users pay for Audit Log Retention, SAML, SSO & SCIM, Private VCS support (Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket), Compliance Frameworks and Enterprise Support. Book a demo here if you’re interested.

We truly value community feedback and suggestions. Feel free to join our slack if you have any questions that aren’t answered above.