Digger can Github Artifacts to store terraform plan outputs. In order to enable it you can set the following argument in digger_workflow.yml:

upload-plan-destination: github


You can also configure plan outputs to be uploaded to GCP Buckets instead. This is handy in case you want your plan outputs to stay within your organisation’s network for security or compliance reasons.

To change change digger to upload the plan to GCP set the follow argument in the digger_workflow.yml file

    google-lock-bucket: 'gcp'
    upload-plan-destination-gcp-bucket: 'terraform-plan-output-1239123'


You can also use AWS S3 buckets to store plan outputs.

To change digger to upload the plan to AWS S3 set the following arguments in the digger_workflow.yaml

    upload-plan-destination: 'aws'
    upload-plan-destination-s3-bucket: 'terraform-plan-output-1239123'